First Liveblog Trial

The first livestreamed Scrutiny Committee meeting took place today at Birmingham City Council, so I went along to practice liveblogging the event. On the subject of how residents can influence and shape place, and how should the Council ensure ‘Engagement for Action’, this Scrutiny committee is one of several taking place to gather evidence that will inform how Birmingham City Council address the challenges around collaboration and engagement with the public in the delivery of public services.

I had hoped to stream the live blog from Twitter directly to this blogpost, but alas, I had a few technical problems.  Guess that is what trials are all about.  Although I managed to install 24LiveBlog on this post to collect the tweets I was publishing via Twitter, I obviously didn’t do something quite right, as the tweets didn’t appear.

Also, I could have done with a little more preparation to establish the hashtag for the event, particularly as I discovered during the meeting that several others were tweeting too.   After mentioning some of these in my tweets I discovered the hashtag most were using, but decided to stick with #citizenengagement to follow my tweets through.

With such useful discussions taking place online and in real life through the event, I thought it would be valuable to pull together all the discussions into a single page using Storify.  I’ve chosen for now to pull the tweets in on a single chronological list, but after this rapid baptism into the online world today, perhaps I will find inspiration to create a little more structure to this curated content.

There is no rest for the wicked though, as I’ve been busy resolving my liveblogging problems in readiness for another session tomorrow, where I’ll be using Scribble Live to liveblog the World Road Association Congress on Road Safety.   Fingers crossed!

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