Conference organisers missing out on huge opportunities to engage audiences

World Rod Assocation congress Network Resilience 2014 Belfast

Conference organisers in the highways and transport sector are failing to embrace social networking or challenge the traditional conference model sufficently to enable transformation of local highways services The World Road Association UK congress on Network Resilience, on¬†4th and 5th November 2014 in Belfast will be the fourth major highways and transport industry conference I’veRead More

ADEPT Conference 2013

ADEPT conference 2013

Being covered live for the first time, the Annual Conference for the Association of Directors for Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) takes place in Manchester on 6th and 7th November 2013. Keen to explore how social media can help spread the voice of the Association and improve the value for the delegates, the event willRead More

First Liveblog Trial

The first livestreamed Scrutiny Committee meeting took place today at Birmingham City Council, so I went along to practice liveblogging the event. On the subject of how residents can influence and shape place, and how should the Council ensure ‘Engagement for Action’, this Scrutiny committee is one of several taking place to gather evidence thatRead More