English Local Authorities by Region

English Regions

With 153 local authorities, 9 regions, and a mixture of Single Tier and Two Tier structures, local government in England is pretty complicated to understand. To help, I’ve built this little map.  If you click on the regions, you’ll see all the relevant local authorities listed below. Learn About Tableau

Gritter Twitter

Twitter search for #grittertwitter hashtag

I think #grittertwitter is a great name for a Twitter hashtag, but I wonder how many councils use it? Do people find it helpful? As a first step, I thought I’d create a simple twitter search to see how it’s being used. Tweets about “#grittertwitter”

First Liveblog Trial

The first livestreamed Scrutiny Committee meeting took place today at Birmingham City Council, so I went along to practice liveblogging the event. On the subject of how residents can influence and shape place, and how should the Council ensure ‘Engagement for Action’, this Scrutiny committee is one of several taking


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